Our Logo and What It Represents
Some have asked what our logo symbolizes…

First, we have the
hands symbolizing that God  the  Father holds the whole world in His hands; and
that our pursuits and methods shall always be peaceful.

Next,  we have the
world  to symbolize that we are all part of humanity and would never refuse aid
or comfort to anyone.  The
earth  also stands for  God’s creation  in  all its beauty,  diversity,  and
fragility.  It reminds us that without the  light of the sun,  there would be no life;  and without the
light of the Son of God there would be no life, only darkness and death.

Then  we  come  to  the  
cross.  The  cross  symbolizes  several  different  things  at once.  First it
represents  our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ  who is our Supreme Commander,  our King and Lord,
and Master,  in all things.  Next,  by  being  centered  within the hands  it represents the peace we
seek and that only the Lord can give.  

Thirdly we come to the
praying person kneeling at the  cross  being  centered  over  the  earth,  it
represents our  fervent prayer  that the world will repent,  turn to Christ,  and recognize Jesus as
Lord of all .  Fourth,  it reminds us to pick up our cross daily and follow Him to reach the lost.

Lastly,  we come to the
words circling the earth.  They remind us that, the  Lord  spoke  and it was
so.  He provided everything we would  ever need and surrounds us with His love through His Word.  
He  sustains  us and helps us  never to forget that  “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every
word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Mt. 4:4 (NIV)

We were given this logo  by  divine  inspiration  of  God,  in  that it very accurately symbolizes all
that the International Disciples of Christ  stands for.  It represents what we all should strive for,
a closer walk with the Lord and, to follow Him as a Disciple of Christ.