The IDOC Chaplain is a Community Minister:

Although the IDOC is dedicated to searching for lost souls, training and
making  Disciples  of Christ, it is also committed to providing ministerial
support to  the  civilian community.  The services of IDOC Chaplains are
available  on  the  basis  of  need  and  desire.  IDOC  Chaplains  are not
intended, nor do they wish to replace  and  individual’s  clergyman.  They
supplement  services  of  the  individual’s  clergyman  and  are  available to provide service when the
individual’s clergyman  is  not  available.  Also,  a  Chaplain  can be especially helpful when there is a
person in need in the community who does not have a local Pastor and Church affiliation.

How the Chaplain can help:

Many people have the idea that the only time they should call a minister is when someone is critically
ill, or when there is a death in the family.  This is a limited  and  restricted  view of the ministry and
it is gradually  being  replaced  by  a  wider  understanding  of  the  role of the Christian minister in
modern society.

The  situations  described  below  do  not  exhaust  the  occasions  when the Chaplain, as a community
minister, can be helpful.  The purpose is to indicate that there are many times when the Chaplain can
bring to people the resources of the Christian faith.

In the community, the IDOC Chaplain also visits and ministers to those in the nursing homes, assisted
living, and senior living facilities.  The Chaplain  may  present  religious  services based solely on the
Word of God  and  programs  at  these  and other facilities and events in the community.  
there is the need, there the Chaplain needs to be.